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Often consumers feel overwhelmed and afraid of how bankruptcy will impact their household credit and financial stability in the coming years. I have spoken to many consumers in the exact situation you now face. It is disheartening that I hear very similar distressing stories over and over again. Sometimes it is a loss of a job, reduced income, illness, divorce, or other family tragedy. Whatever the reason or cause, it is a grave mistake to believe that there is nothing you can do. I am in business to assist people just like you through this type of financial situation.
Initially, there are two basic remedies you may follow:

1. To file a consumer civil defense action against the creditor if there are meritorious defenses to their legal action;

2. To file an appropriate chapter of bankruptcy that may not only save your home, but also allow you to either discharge, or reorganize your debts, and stop all creditor harassment while providing you financial peace of mind and greater control of your household finances.

Perhaps you already tried to work with your creditors on your own. Then you already know how indifferent and unsympathetic the creditors and collectors are to your particular situation. Consumer hardships such as job loss, hospitalization, illness, injury, divorce or other financial hardships are not unique to you. Nor are these situations unfamiliar to your creditors. They have heard it before, that is why they know how to make you feel so low.

Fortunately, Congress has formulated a mechanism for individuals such as you to obtain real debt relief! Our founding fathers thought it was important enough to have creditor protection written into our Constitution, and it has been organized into our modern federal bankruptcy laws.

Still skeptical? To better assist you, I have noted some common questions that I am frequently asked from consumers like yourself, along with general answers to help you make the right decision to seek the advice of an experienced legal professional.

If you have more questions or the answer to your questions aren't listed here, contact me now at (724) 832-0234 or email me at suzanne@suzannembashlaw.com for a complimentary evaluation.
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